it all started...

in late 2016 when i began to investigate the encaustic medium at the evanston art center. still very engaged in artist book making, i approached the hot wax process from both a photographic and collage sensibility:

the four elements:  a ir

the four elements: air

the birth of  e ve

the birth of eve

abstract composition: october rose

abstract composition: october rose

in december of 2018 i took a photo-silkscreen and encaustic workshop at the bridgeport art center...& was smitten...this was the marriage of encaustic and the still image i was looking for...undiluted encaustic photo-silkscreening.

c hicago trilogy

chicago trilogy

having worked for years in historic alternative photographic processes (alt pro) the combination of photographic imagery and encaustic felt very much like an extension of that exploration.


applying paints to the substrate, in this case baltic birch, and getting messy with medium made from the wax of 100 different beehives and damar resin from indonesia was very much like alt pro; hand-applying the 'emulsion' and essentially creating contact prints of the screened image onto the panel--all out of the darkroom in daylight!

working lunch: ham & cheese with a holy grail gesso chaser

working lunch: ham & cheese with a holy grail gesso chaser


new encaustic works follow under

new work, new work...