breathing and making photographs keep this guy going. 

since early childhood i was the family documentarian, flashing blinding one-off bulbs in annoyed family faces.  in high school i set up my first darkroom in the basement toolshed. after dabbling in the liberal arts for three years (and wandering the streets of Paris), i found myself back in my own backyard, driving thru prospect park en route to pratt institute, stopped at a red light trading glances with the caged zoo elephants.

then the idea of creating the daguerrotypes of the 21st century - and generally postponing adulthood -wooed me to mit in cambridge to pursue advanced visual studies there.

for years afterwards i worked freelance in video and indy film production - mostly pbs - in new york and boston. one day on set i was drafted to do a cameo as the tentative hands of william carlos williams composing his famous poem about the rain-red wheelbarrow and white chickens on a typewriter. but the poetry of the still image was my first  love - and that cut was the deepest - so i let my hands go where they wanted and picked up the bloody camera again.

moving to chicago in mid life, i unpacked my family and camera gear and started shooting...sniffing the vapor trail of fixer to the local art center on lake michigan to make pictures again. a rolleiflex (and the square format) became my new obsession, forcing me to slow down and focus on the world flipped horizontal waist level on ground glass and to set up a dedicated  pro darkroom in my circa 1865 basement with proper ventilation and running water.

somehow, after years of searching, i became a photography teacher, then a department chair at new trier high school.  a master of liberal arts degree followed from the university of chicago - where i read a lot, thought a lot, and wrote a lot - ultimately creating  a photography thesis. 

to this day i photograph almost every day, & exhibit locally and nationally from time to time. lately have also been creating one-of-a-kind artist books that have been juried into two international artists books exhibitions that travelled through europe and scheduled for exhibition at the evanston art center in the summer of 2019.  

shot shooting in Kolkata

... shot taken

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